As of now, I’m sure we have all heard about the events which took place during the Boston Marathon this past Monday, April 15. There were two bombs which exploded, killing three people and injuring 183 others. ( The news was viral and the buzz expanded incredibly rapidly in a very short amount of time. The normal viewing of our Monday afternoon television shows and our habitual meandering through the internets was interrupted quite impressively by the efficiency of our ever-reliable news sources. 

What you may not have heard about was a wave of bombing attacks in Iraq, killing 50 people and many more injured the day before the marathon. Furthermore, eight people died due to bombing attacks in Iraq the very day of the Boston Marathon. This occurred just a day after over 30 attacks killed 50 people while wounding over 300. ( These bombings have no such viral potential on the internet or television. These bombings do not have an entire category of nine articles or videos devoted to them on the CNN webpage.
The bombings which occurred during the Boston Marathon are quite trivial compared to the magnitude of the destruction and despair caused by the “routine” bombings of Middle Eastern countries. I am not commenting on the pettiness of the Boston Marathon bombings in and of themselves. I admit this is a horrific event. However, other countries experience events such as these on a daily basis. We are not privy to an onslaught of media coverage every time a car bomb goes off in Pakistan or a suicide bomber detonates in Iraq. We do not hear about the thoughts and reactions of the survivors in Iraq who have the misfortune of witnessing such events. The way our media empathizes for the victims of the Boston bombing is a far cry from any attention seen in Iraq. Our entire nation mourns for the three dead and 183 injured. Who mourns for the victims of the chronic bombings elsewhere? We have somehow become desensitized to the headline of “Car Bomb detonated in… killing… injuring…” However, we are awestruck that such an abominable incident could happen to us. We are ever so safe here. Such occurences happen elsewhere in the world, not in our own nation.We have no real worries which can adequately compare to the daily strife experienced by the people who don’t just read the paper or watch the news to see what happens on the other side of the train tracks.


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