Tensions have risen dramatically in North Korea in the last few years. Some wonder if we’re close to nuclear war. The major issues that have caused conflict recently revolve around North Korea attempting to dissolve the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War and nuclear tests. North Korea continues to threaten South Korea and has even declared that they would launch a preemptive counter strike on the United States as well as South Korea should they deem it necessary.
Should we worry? Should we care? President Obama has stated that the United States is fully capable of defending against an attack from North Korea, and experts have declared North Korea incapable of launching an overseas ballistic attack at this time. So, is this another “forgotten conflict?” It really begs the question of whether Americans acknowledge world threats that don’t come in the form of immediate terrorist attacks. Now, to avoid sounding like a fear monger, let’s recognize that we’re part of one of the most militarily powerful countries on Earth. But, the world ignored Hitler at the early stages too.
Conflict peaks over the horizon, and Americans are still in the dark. Ignoring the cloud looming past their shores, they focus on award ceremonies and reality TV. Is America so perpetually interested in instantaneous pleasure that we’ve forgotten that there is a greater world out there?
Many say that Kim Jong Un is just blowing smoke. These speeches should not be ignored. Nuclear threats should never be ignored. And while North Korea and South Korea shouldn’t be under the thumb of the United States or even the United Nations, the world has every right to defend itself. This sometimes means getting involved before it is too late. However, that isn’t the issue at the present juncture. The moment’s question revolves around what to do concerning North Korea’s declaration that the 1953 armistice is no longer valid.
Granted, this should be a permanent peace agreement and not the armistice that left the two countries technically in a state of war. Still, it is vital that the U.S. and South Korea continue to perform military drills and prepare for a possible war with North Korea despite their bold threats. We should not be backing down now; we should be discussing a permanent peace agreement while North Korea does not have the means to use fear against us.
Most importantly, there is plenty of history to show us what to do. We don’t want another Treaty of Versailles; we don’t want the Korean War Part II. The U.S. should establish formal peace and discover how far North Korea has advanced their nuclear technology. It is as simple as that. U.S. presence in that region should be at an end. America’s only reason for remaining should be as a protection from possible nuclear war.

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