I spent my freshman year in Sharpenburg; needless to say, I experienced a lot of new things that year, one of them being open door policy. Now, I’m in Percopo, and I have to say that policy is gone. And, I miss it.

The open door policy was amazing, I would be sitting there doing homework looking for a small distraction and then five guys would walk into my room and just start hanging out for no reason. Then when I finished I my work, which actually went faster with people in the room, since they could offer suggestions, I would head down to Sharpenburg 212, where almost everyone would be sitting in the room playing games, music, or telling the best stories I have ever heard. It was perfect.

Now, when I have finally finished my homework and am looking for someone to hang out with or talk to, everyone is shut inside of their rooms. When I see that a door is closed it tells me that either someone is sleeping inside or that no one is welcome at the moment so I should go away and try again later. Then when someone is actually in their room and happy to have a conversation I am constantly thrown off since it is just the two of us in the room, instead of a group of at least three different people already being in the room when I enter.

That being said Percopo on its own is easier on my G.P.A. due to the closed door policy. This is not because it removes distractions that occur while I am studying, but rather because there is so little else to do that I will study just to get rid of the boredom. And when I get even more than sick of that, I go to the library to get a book and read. Since I have moved into Percopo this new policy has helped me to make it into bed by two a.m. almost every night of the week.

As a person who likes to have fun and talk to the people who live near me, I love the open door policy, but when it came down to my sophomore level curriculum I realized now was as good a time as any to buckle down and get all my work done even if it meant I had almost no fun throughout the day. Open door policy is fun, but when I need to get my work done even if I get fewer offers to help the closed door policy gives me the extra time I need to make sure I finish everything not just on time but even a little bit early too.

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