Car crash tragedy in Ohio, 6 killed

On Monday, eight teenagers were speeding down a two-lane Ohio road in a reportedly-stolen SUV. The vehicle crashed into a guardrail and flipped over into a pond near the city of Warren. Two of the eight teens survived the incident by smashing a rear window and swimming away from the SUV, a state trooper said. The inside of the vehicle was entirely underwater within minutes of the crash, according to State Highway Patrol Lt. Brian Holt. Investigators are still trying to determine the cause of this crash, but Lt. Holt said that weather was not a factor in what he called the deadliest traffic accident in Trumbull County history, and the worst in Ohio in at least three years. The case is still under investigation, but they consider that the car’s speed was a factor.

Tension rises in the Korea Peninsula

Friction between North and South Korea has grown after the United Nation implemented new sanctions on North Korea about a month ago for performing nuclear tests. China, North Korea’s ally for many years, has helped minimize the degree of punishment against N. Korea before. However, China signed on to the most recent sanctions. These sanctions have also encouraged more North Koreans to join their country’s army. “All people who can take rifle are petitioning to be allowed to join or rejoin the People’s Army in all provinces and towns,” said the official newspaper of the ruling Worker’s Party. South Korea said if the North attacks, they will respond in a more destructive manner.

Racecar designed via the Internet

The Rally Fighter racecar is believed to be the first car built based on crowdsourcing, a process of drawing input from a global community of people through the Internet. The features of the Rally Fighter include a 6.2-liter engine, eight cylinders, automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive and 430 horsepower. It was produced in 18 months by Local Motors, an Arizona car maker. The president and co-founder of Local Motors, John B. Rogers, said this car is just one of several projects the company is working on. Rogers said he wants to continue using the method of crowdsourcing for future projects, such as motorcycles, boats, and a more affordable $10,000 car.

New pope selected

A new pope has been elected. Pope Francis comes with some controversies from his past in Argentina as well as some strong views on homosexuality, but close friends expect to see some changes.

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