The Rose chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi hosted their annual Mr. Rose pageant in Hatfield Hall last Friday to raise money for their international philanthropy, Strike Out Arthritis. To meet the “Prince Charming” theme to this year’s pageant, contestants representing fraternities and sororities adopted personas such as the “Prince of Pop”, a “Fresh Prince”, and an English prince. After Dr. Richard House, Master of Ceremonies, introduced the participants in the costume round, each prince gave a performance in the talent round, where routines ranged from musical numbers to comical PowerPoints to one prince scarfing down 20 White Castle sliders.

The judges then narrowed down the pool of contestants to six for the MacGyver round, were the princes assembled elaborate tools with random items like balloons, a plastic mask, and a slingshot in order to save a trapped princess from a dragon. Only Chadwick Jones, Prince Dashing the Valiant from Blumberg, Evan Duvall, Prince of Old Spice from Alpha Chi Sigma, and Neil Dorsey, Charm-Bot 2000 from Chi Omega, survived to the final round, the questions round. Dr. House posed a series of questions to each contestant, who responded in princely – and often humorous – fashion. In the end, the judges chose Duvall as Mr. Rose of 2013, followed Jones in second and Dorsey in third. The pageant raised over $2500 for Strike Out Arthritis.

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