Unlocking new smartphones becomes illegal

On Saturday, the Congress modified the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. This act makes it illegal to access copyrighted content and break digital rights management technologies. The software that is used to lock a smartphone to one carrier is covered under this act. Exemption to the act has been granted to users that wanted to unlock their phone to change to another carrier while still keeping their actual phone. With this new policy, smartphones purchased before last Saturday can still be unlocked, while the phones purchased after it will need permission from carrier to be unlocked. People against this new policy argued that making unlocking illegal could lead to more expensive phones and electronic waste since consumer would have to buy new device to switch carriers.

Missing Plane Found in Antarctica - Crash “Not survivable”

Last week, a plane flying from the South Pole to Terra Nova Bay in Antarctica went missing with three Canadians.  The missing aircraft was found three days later close to the summit in Queen Alexandra Range, in Antarctica. The plane wreckage suggests that the plane made a direct impact that was not survivable, Maritime New Zealand said on Saturday. The accident killed the three crew members, all employees of Kenn Borek Air. The Canadian Press said Kenn Borek Air had not identified the dead crew, but friends released the names of the pilots as Bob Heath of Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories, Mike Denton from Calgary, and Perry Anderson from Ontario. On Sunday, American and New Zealand search teams were able to land near the crash site and retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the back of the plane, but could not reach the front of the aircraft which was buried in snow and ice. A full recovery mission is planned for next spring.

Nightclub Fire killed Hundreds of People in Brazil

A fire broke out early Sunday in a popular nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil. About 2,000 people were in the club when a member of a band performed a pyrotechnic show that started the fire. The fire killed at least 234 people, another 118 remained hospitalized, 75 of those in critical condition, Brazilian Health Minister Alexandro Padilha told reporters. Many of them died from smoke inhalation, and others were trampled in the rush for the exits, one security guard told Band News. Most of the victims were university students that were celebrating the end of summer, since many universities set to resume classes on Monday. That night, the streets were filled with thousands of people who marched to the site of the incident. Protesters are now demanding justice. Police have started interrogating people, including four individuals they arrested – the two owners of the club who the police identified as Mauro Hoffman and Elissandro Sphor, band vocalistMarcelo de Jesus dos Santos and show producer Luciano Bonilha. Investigators are still collecting evidence to file charges against the person responsible for this incident.

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