The Career Fair this Wednesday was one of the most popular in school history. About 190 companies came to campus, offering an array of jobs, internships, and co-ops. Although the economy as a whole is slowly recovering, many companies that are engineering-based are hiring a large number of graduates as they stop hiring freezes and an aging workforce fades out.

What’s interesting about the Career Fair is not just the wide range of companies, but how loyal some have been. Caterpillar and Eli Lily are Indiana staple companies, but others like Chrysler have been recruiting just as long.

Rose-Hulman alumni have reached high levels of management in Chrysler, in addition to achieving a very strong presence in the company's engineering department. "Chrysler is looking for the best talent to take in the automotive industry. Students at Rose learn all about the team as well as the technical side," Rose alumnus Brack Benge said. "As transportation evolves though new safety, fuel economy and new forms of transport, Chrysler needs to be ready.”

Samtec is another company that has consistently attended the Career Fair. The privately-held company from New Albany, IN leads the electronic interconnects industry. The success of their previous Rose employees keeps them coming back, whether they worked for the company as interns or stayed for full-time positions. Samtec is an interesting company in that they are willing to give internships to freshman, as their philosophy states that talent comes at all ages.

Even with old staples continuing to come to the Career Fair, there are new companies of all sizes that have begun recruiting at Rose just in the past couple years.

One such company is LG&G and KU, a power company out of Kentucky. Jeff Kyers, a 1987 electrical engineering and 2003 engineering management graduate, said his company wanted to be there for a specific reason.

“We have a lot of alumni from Rose, and we have a real need for good engineers. Generating power is something that will always be engineering intensive, so we thought it was past time to come up here.”

A smaller company new to the Career Fair is the Omni Group, a software development company based in Seattle, Washington. Currently working for the company are Tim Ekl, a 2011 CS graduate and 2012 engineering management graduate, and Curt Clifton, a former CSSE professor at Rose.

Omni Group just started an internship program, and Rose-Hulman is one of the two colleges they are focusing on for recruitment. Clifton stated that his company came to Rose “...not just to have the rock star programmer or people who do one thing really well. We need team players who know how to work with people who are passionate about their work. Rose grads are able to hit the ground running. As a former faculty member, I’m a little colored, but I think they are doing a good job.”

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