Turkey strikes Syria

Tensions remain high between Syria and Turkey, especially after a series of attacks on Wednesday between the two countries. After a shelling of a Turkish border town left five people dead, Turkey retaliated by striking Syrian government targets in the town of Akcakale. A statement from the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan remarked that they “responded immediately” to the attack and that, within the regulations of international law, “will never leave these…provocations aimed at [their] national security unanswered.” Nine people were also injured. NATO’s political governing body, the North Atlantic Council, stands by Turkey.

Obama wished to put bin Laden on trial

President Obama has a strict commitment to due process under the law, as he was quoted recently in a new book that said he would have put Osama bin Laden on trial had he surrendered. Mark Bowden, who wrote the book “The Finish”, remarked that while Obama would have extended those rights to the al-Qaeda leader after a US raid on his hideout in Pakistan in May of 2011, the president expected that bin Laden would go down fighting.

Romney surges after debate performance

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama squared off in the first of three presidential debates on Wednesday at the University of Denver, speaking on topics such as the economy, tax breaks, entitlements, and job creation in a debate moderated by Jim Lehrer of PBS’s "NewsHour". While Obama’s favorability rating has remained at 56% after Wednesday’s debate, Romney has improved to a 51 percent favorability rating, his first net positive rating in the race, according to Reuters. Vice-presidential candidates Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will debate next Thursday, October 11, while Obama and Romney will go head-to-head in a town meeting-styled debate on Tuesday, October 16 to discuss foreign and domestic policy.

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