There are two people directly responsible for your existence and they both have a day set aside every year to celebrate how awesome they are. You could argue that these days are just made up by the card and flower companies to sell more merchandise, but who cares? Why shouldn’t we have a day that is set aside to appreciate the things parents do? They wiped our snot, tears, and butts. They taught us how to share our toys and not to stick things up our noses. They scolded us for throwing fits in grocery stores and drawing on the white walls with crayons. They cared for us when we got the sniffles and sneezes. They encouraged us to go out into the world and succeed. You worked hard to get where you are, but you always had your parents, standing in the wings, cheering you on.
This Sunday is Mother’s Day. There is nothing stopping you from calling her this weekend and thanking her for being spectacular. She would love a bouquet of roses, lilies, or daisies and a box of chocolates, but nothing will make her quite as happy as you calling and saying, “I love you.”
Your mother is a great woman. She has cared for you your whole life. Whether she stayed at home or had a job, she labored to make you happy. You may have your disagreements and upsets, you may have thought she was being unfair or not understanding the difficulties you were experiencing. And the fact is, she may not have understood but I bet she tried her best to make it better for you. It did not matter if you felt you were being babied or crowded, if you were in any trouble of any kind she would go in with guns blazing. She will always be there for you: to make your favorite food after a bad week, to help you with any problem, and to spoil you for no good reason. In this fashion, let’s not forget the other great women in our lives. Grandmothers and aunts love you too, so don’t forget them this Mother’s Day weekend.
No matter how hard you are studying or how hard you are trying not to study, you have time to show appreciation for all that your mother has done for you. You can be sure that there are things that she has done for you that no other sane person would do, like do your nasty laundry when you go home, and she should be hugged and thanked. If you are unable to go home, along with the call she would probably enjoy some of those flowers and chocolates or even some homemade macaroni picture frames.
For those who don’t keep tabs on these sorts of things, remember that Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16 and that your father is just as important as your mother, and he deserves recognition as well. So be the good offspring you are and appreciate those who got you here.

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