Helena Bomber • guest writer

Whether someone is serving you dinner or cutting your hair, their wages are mostly based on the tips that you give them. Many people that have not worked in hospitality industries do not understand how tipping works. Some guides, servers, and drivers do not even make minimum wage and depend on gratuities as their income.

For example, when you go out to dinner you are surrounded by these types of employees. As you pull up to the entrance of a restaurant, the valet parks your car for you. When you step in the front doors, the host takes your coat. A server then greets you at the table and serves you a meal. Each of these people deserve a tip - but how much? Everyone has their own opinion on this topic, but the typical percentage to tip for a service is around fifteen percent.

It is always important to tip, even if you think the service was substandard. The tip is sometimes divided between several services. In some restaurants the server does not receive all of the money, but they split their tips with a bartender that makes their drinks or a busboy that cleans their tables. Your gratuity can be an income for a whole web of people.

Below are several examples of services that call for tips. The next time you go out keep in mind that the services you receive are depending on your tips and be considerate!

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