Amanda Kelley • guest writer

Whether it’s to seek out a better form of civilization than Terre Haute or just passing through on the journey home, learning how to properly drive on I-465 is a skill that needs to be mastered. Though this endless loop comes with a menacing reputation it is the fastest way to navigate around or through Indy. Merging onto this interstate frightened, hesitant, or just downright terrified is the first mistake drivers make. The transition from two lanes to four may seem daunting but if you are prepared it can become an easy task to master. Do not be hesitant when coming onto the on ramp; simply pick up speed, find a gap, and merge. It’s the overly cautious drivers who constantly check, check and recheck their mirrors that cause other drivers to brake, which inevitably causes traffic.

If a gap is two lanes over, do what is necessary and get to that gap even if you must exceed the speed limit. This brings up another rookie mistake while dealing with 465, the speed limit doesn’t actually represent the real speed of the road. The numbers that are placed on this sign symbolize more of a guideline than a real rule. It is more important to keep up with the flow of the traffic than to be the one that that causes the congestion. Being a slow driver is just as dangerous as being a fast driver.

Other common courtesies of the road include if someone cuts you off, don’t yell or scream at the driver. In reality they can’t hear you and you’re wasting your energy and gas trying to catch up and get even. Simply thank the driver and God that you did not get clipped and carry on about your day. Try to pass semi-trucks as quickly as possible, the less time that you are in their blind spot the better it is for both you and the truck driver. If you must get in the most left lane make sure you are prepared to maintain a much faster flow than the rest of the traffic. If you cannot or are not comfortable with this be courteous to others and move to one of the middle lanes. Make sure to stay in the middle lanes unless you need to merge off the highway then it is only appropriate to get the right most lane. If you stick to these few tips then your trip and your mind will be at ease.


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