Virginie Adams
guest writer

Eating well is an important part of staying healthy. Most people usually start to “diet” when they want to eat healthily. As much as a diet will get someone to eat healthily for a while people don’t tend to stick to most diet plans and end up regaining the weight that they lost. This is called yo-yo dieting and is unhealthy.
When thinking of going on a diet, people can take different routes. They can do a diet that will make them lose a lot of weight at first but will be hard to maintain, or they can do a diet that will take time to lose weight but that is more of a lifestyle change.
Such diets as Weight Watchers can be very good at teaching what some good foods to eat are and what some bad ones are. In 2012 Weight Watchers was selected as the number one diet for current weight loss but not the best in terms of maintaining the loss. The best long term diet in 2012 was the DASH diet, which consists of eating a mix of food every day without eating too many carbs or much fat. It also encourages eating multiple smaller meals.
Working out is always a great way to stay healthy. It is not only good in terms of losing weight but can also help with stress and sleep. So before taking that half hour nap think about potentially going for a 20-30 minute jog, you might find after a couple of days that you are feeling less tired with the same amount of sleep.

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