So its winter quarter and hardly any one has an excess of free time. So, on those rare occasions when people actually do have free time to spend and would like to go work out, they are less likely to since there is a fair chance that it is freezing, raining, or maybe even snowing outside. If this is the case there are several smaller things you can do in your daily schedule to stay in the same shape you are in now.

If you are trying to maintain or even gain upper body strength you should strongly consider doing pushups and pull-ups every night before bed. The key to doing the push-ups is to lift yourself off the ground as much as possible and when you touch the ground try to do it with your stomach and nose at the same time. The other option, pull-ups is relatively easy once you figure out where to do them at, and as it just so happens even though the grip is bad the bedroom doors in most residence halls are relatively convenient to use.
However the thing about these two exercises though is that if you want them to be truly effective they must be done in slower, larger amounts as your fitness improves. This means that if it comes down to doing between a personal maximum of twenty push-ups or doing ten at a rate where you lower yourself to the ground with half the speed, go with the ten since it is actually a much harder workout that helps build endurance and muscle.
Of course if you would rather focus on the fitness of your body as a whole there are other options which do take up a slightly larger amount of time and a slightly higher awareness of the condition your body is in. The option I have personally explored the most of these is more intensive stretching. The key is to find the positions you have the hardest time holding but are still capable of being done. For each of these positions the more used to them you become the further into them you should stretch so that there is always a slight burn in the muscles being used.
The stretches that this works with can be anything you choose and really it comes down to what you are more familiar with. In my case I always performed the stretches that my cross-country coach taught my team; however, I have also known people to perform a few yoga or palates positions in the free time they have.
The general idea behind these exercises is that these ideas can easily be slipped into a five minute gap between homework problems when there is no progress being made on an assignment. Or of course you could just pour as much time into them as you want and try to get into really good shape from just these exercises. It’s just an idea of how to do something physically active when there are not a whole lot of options in other ways to remain active.

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