Last Saturday there was a disturbance in the Union. Several noise complaints were filed, and it’s clear that participants of this “event” will be wearing orange sometime soon. Rock ‘n’ Roll was again the culprit encouraging youths to express their feelings. Fighting for “causes.” Clearly this trend needs to stop. Our community should not have to put up with this reckless “Rocking Out.” Really people, THINK OF THE CHILDREN. Do we want them growing up with no sense of shame? When asked about the proceedings, one child responded, “I got Legos.” Is that the depth we’ve sunk to? We give children toys to get them to buy into the hypnotic persuasions of rock music. The horror doesn’t end with that devilry however. Witnesses confirm that former rock enthusiast, Tom Miller, led the charge by influencing decisions and providing useful feedback during the event. This man is infamous, but the adjacent picture says it all. Should you see this man, do not trust him. Report him immediately to the Thorn.

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