There's a lot to be said about "Mass Effect 3" recently. It's been called the best of the series while simultaneously being blamed with one of the worst endings in gaming history. EA and Bioware are doing a lot to make up for the recent drop in marketing with higher quality DLC's, free online classes, and promises of more to come. That's what makes the "Omega Mission" DLC such a disappointment.

What EA and Bioware hoped to achieve with "The Leviathan" and "Omega Mission" was a pullback for fans that were disappointed with the original game storyline. Both focused a lot on the story of the universe, both explaining lost asked questions and putting to rest hundreds of theories. "Leviathan" did just that. "Omega Mission" just leaves more questions than answers.

You start off by contacting the exiled queen of Omega, Aria. She wants you, and only you, to help her fight her way back into the pirate capital of the galaxy. That's a hook, and it works. Believe me with all that you are that fighting side-by-side with someone the game calls a "Biotic Boss" is fun. Aria has some insanely overpowered biotics, like Flare, which fans have started calling Super Warp. Her commentary is even more amazing, probably because it's all deprecating comments from the voice of Trinity.

But that's where the fun ends.

The game depends so heavily on Aria's powers that they don't spend a great deal of time making you fall in love with the rest of the DLC. They introduce a new character, a female Turian named Nyreen, and she basically plays the role of foil to Aria. You get the feeling quickly, and frequently, that she's there just to juxtapose every decision Aria makes. No matter what you do, you are either for Aria or for Nyreen, never yourself. You're being led, but not really allowed to choose.

They introduce a few new enemies as well, but you might as well still be shooting at Banshees and Cerberus Troopers with the way they act. Honestly, this was disappointing to me, considering how I see newer and cooler enemies in the multiplayer, but for some reason, don't even make a cameo here.

"Mass Effect 3: Omega Mission" is an unfortunately disappointing DLC to an already shaky game. There has been a lot of hope, love, hate, and disappointment surrounding the trilogy ending game, but "Omega Mission" doesn't do anything more than just buffer a few hours into it. Without Aria, it would be hard to even call it a proper DLC. This is only worth a look if you're a gamer that gets into the universe to the extreme. Otherwise, it's impermeable.

Rating: 2/5 Elephants.

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