Hellsing Ultimate: Because He is that Epic
We all know that, with the hype about vampires, they are all just people with complicated emotions, right? That they sparkle? And that they really only kill to eat, right? Wrong. Despite what most stories have done to one of the most feared monsters ever, there is anime that holds true to the roots of what the great monster is supposed to be.
"Hellsing Ultimate" follows the story of the vampire known as Alucard, a vampire who serves as the head of the Hellsing family- a family that has hunted vampires for generations and is now in charge of keeping Britain safe from the monsters. As such, it is his duty to hunt and kill them, something that it appears that he takes great pleasure in with a sadistic passion.
Somewhere along the line, the militaristic division of the Catholic Church comes into play along with Nazis, who seek to wage endless war. Both these groups keep coming into conflict with the Hellsing Organization, which sends out it best agent, Alucard. This point needs to be made clear one more time: he is a monster that delights in bloodshed and fighting. The only thing he enjoys more than killing is actually fighting someone that can give him a challenge.
Typically this anime tends to favor a one-sided slaughter in comparison to relatively even battles, where the opponent just might have a shot at winning. In some cases Alucard even refuses to take his enemies seriously, not even standing up as they shoot him full of bullets, which he just heals from while shooting half-heartedly back at them. What's worse is that if they actually manage to impress him, he will use a fraction of his full strength. At this point he drops almost all semblance of being human and once again returns to simply butchering his opposition.
In order to make up for his power and significant lack of opponents who match his level, the anime decides to use a large number of opponents to even the scales. In the end these weaker opponents are just a way for him to show how evil he is as he continues to slaughter them.
Alucard is the most memorable anime character I have seen yet, but it is not because of his charming personality and witty sense of humor. It is because he is one of few main characters in anime who is the way he is because that is how he wants to be. That is to say, he knows he is a monster and chooses to be so. That, and his humor has extremely good timing. It is worth watching "Hellsing Ultimate" just to see Alucard in action as well as other characters that manage to, in some ways, even keep up with him on a level of having interesting stories and personality.

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