Gearbox has always put a great deal of humor into their games and add-ons, and Borderlands 2: Torgue's Campaign of Carnage follows the grain in a refreshing way. The whole expansion is a great deal more in-your-face in every aspect. Torgue himself is a fan favorite, with his sailor's mouth and over-the-top exposition for every scene. He's very blunt, revealing the obvious plot devices in a way that doesn't dampen the effect in the slightest. All of his dialogue is expressed through EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS and swearing mitigated by a digital censor installed on Torgue's voice box.

The gameplay isn't altered much, with a slight emphasis on Torgue's renowned explosive weapons and enemies that fit into Torgue's motorhead theme. One refreshing addition is a few more bosses; each "chapter" of the add-on features a badass to fight, as you rise to the challenge of being the "biggest badass on Pandora." Each of these bosses is easy to hate, gradually ramping up the tension until the final fight, which allows for a great catharsis at the end of the story. Other fan favorite characters like Moxxi and Tiny Tina make cameos, and while the add-on is short, the added few hours of gameplay and hilarity are well worth the price. Quite a few times during the story I couldn't help but laugh outrageously, particularly when Mr. Torgue explains his digital censor to all those within earshot. All-in-all, the whole piece is intended to be as over-the-top and hilarious as Gearbox could possibly make it. Torgue regularly interrupts other dialogue to express what players are thinking (albeit in a likely more vulgar manner), and I was hesitant to finish the campaign just because I'd miss the loud, angry, moustached, blunt, and intentionally excessive character. And of course, the addition of a new vault and all its loot gives players a reward for their time well spent.

This add-on does a great job of both offering players a challenge (while not quite so much a challenge as the raid bosses) and keeping us all laughing. The side quests are, as always, unique and humorous, and the "chapters" allow for a little focus on the individual enemy types and areas. The plot is very linear, but depth was by no means what Gearbox aimed for with this. They made it apparent that they wanted to purvey a blunt, in-your-face brand of humor, and they didn't water it down in the slightest. It didn't lose anything from the original game, and it added some great comical testosterone relief. Perhaps this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I've got to give Torgue's Campaign of Carnage a solid 5 out of 5.

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