"Section 8" is a little known Indy Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS). This is one of my personal favorite computer games and is available pretty cheaply on Steam. In "Section 8, you take the role of a futuristic space marine. The campaign is well-written and fun to play, despite being short. The game instead focuses on its well-developed and varied online game modes. The primary game mode is a series of different protect, assassinate, capture, and defend objectives that forces you to constantly adapt your strategy. The game rewards not only for kills, but also for advancing the team score through other objectives. The game suffers because of its very low player base, but AI intelligence is so well-designed that you'll never be sure if the player that just gunned you down was a computer or a human.

In this fantasy world, all soldiers are equipped with a special suit of armor. This suit, your weapons, and your tools are fairly customizable with the ability to unlock more powerful options as you rank up. Multiplayer in Section 8 has the single best spawn system I have ever seen in a videogame. You pick a spot anywhere on the map and air drop in. You can drop on an enemy's head to kill him, or you can slow your drop early to allow fine control and land on the top of a mountain to achieve that perfect sniping position. As a countermeasure, if you are capturing an enemy base, you can purchase an AA turret with money you've earned from kills to prevent the opposing team from spawning on top of you and your teammates. Jetpacks are standard, but every suit comes with an auto-targetting system you can use once a minute to remove their advantage. It's a nice helper, but doesn't last long enough for it to be a crutch. Sprinting allows you to move fast enough that enemies can't target you, and you can charge right through enemy lines. Just make sure you don't run into a wall and get stopped though, because it requires you to sheath your gun first. You earn money throughout the game which can be spent on vehicles, turrets, and other similar advantages that can give you and your team a leg up.

Overall Section 8 gets an 8/10. Pros: Very well balanced system. Amazing power suit design. Constantly changing combat field. Cons: Low player base. Sprinting can sometimes catch on invisible bumps and get you killed. Short campaign.

In summary: Section 8 is an extremely fun shooter and very cheap purchase. The biggest issue is the low player base, but once you start playing it, others will as well. 

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