If you want to watch a movie for well-choreographed fight scenes, and don't need a sensible or entertaining plot, then Taken 2 is the movie for you. The movie continues six months after the end of Taken, with Liam Neeson's character still frantically trying to be involved in his daughter's life. His daughter still avoids him, even blowing off one of her driving lessons with him to spend time with her boyfriend. Apparently saving her from a life as a sex slave doesn't earn him too many parenting points. Luckily for Liam Neeson, his ex-wife and her husband got divorced off screen, so he sees it as his chance to get back together with his ex-wife. To do this, he invites her and their daughter on a trip to Istanbul... to Europe. I imagine that the last place you want to go after being kidnapped and sold into the sex trade in Europe is Europe. During this, the families of the sex traders from Taken 1 are hunting down Neeson, and happen to find him during the week he is in Istanbul. What happens next is some extremely complicated escape plans for Neeson's ex-wife and daughter, which took more time for Neeson to explain then they did to fail. Fortunately for Neeson, the bad guys decide that after capturing Neeson and his ex-wife, they would leave him alone long enough for him to have a nice long phone call with his daughter, which he uses to determine his location using some sort of grenade nonsense. After the next hour and a half, Neeson has killed all the bad guys and the worst injury he suffered was the fact that his fists were extremely tore up from pounding in bad guys' faces.
Taken 2 was a disappointment. It took an excellent stand-alone film, and permanently tainted it with a lame sequel. However, its fight scenes were once again top notch, but its logic was terrible, and made the film overall laughable. Overall, I give it 2/5 stars, enjoy at own risk.

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