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Before anyone starts to defend Nicki Minaj and her choice to make horrible music and publish it to the public, please listen to her music that, thankfully, has not been played on the radio.  As much as she thinks that she is the best, I would like to disagree.   

She has talent, there is no denying that, but the way she uses her talent is less than tasteful. Every single song she has ever published has been labeled “explicit”.  Profanity can often be used to make a point, but she uses it to sound cool. In the end it is annoying more than anything and ruins many of her songs.  She has a beautiful singing voice until she starts singing about sticking genitalia in your face, which instantly turned me against the beauty of it all.

After listening to the greater part of her works, it is safe to say that she has not changed for fame. Her early music was her making weird sounds she claims to be rap music, and her music today is still her making abnormal noises that no normal human being should make.  In fact, Disney could probably sue her for her rendition of Mrs. Potts from "Beauty and the Beast" in “Roman Holiday”.  After listening to that particular horror, she switches to butchering “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” in the same song. 

Watching her videos was a whole other type of torture, only this time I had to witness the facial expressions whip past in a blur or color and terror.  The videos I could whip up the courage to watch were fascinating; it was like studying another species. From phasing into a leopard to having large shiny doll eyes, I will have nightmares for weeks to come.

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