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Students you will probably ignore this article... since you pretty much ignore everything we tell you anyway!

First of all I would like to share my credentials, I am the mother of a current Rose-Hulman student, that would be your illustrious Flipside editor and also the mother of a real graduate of this fine institution, who has a job that is not your local Mickey D’s! My journalistic credentials are also legit; I graduated many years ago from that other Indiana institution of higher learning that is finally making a comeback in the area of our official Indiana pastime. The Ernie Pyle School of Journalism is nationally recognized for producing stellar reporters, writers and probably quite a few bloggers. I never did go in that building, but I walked by it on many occasion!
I am sure you have heard of parents being categorized as either having “helicopter or satellite” personalities when dealing with their little bundles of joy being away from home. I wish I had a helicopter; that would make it much easier dealing with move in day. The scenario would proceed somewhat like this: “Honey, do you have your parachute? Okay then on the count of three jump! Call me anytime you need anything. 1, 2, 3. Byyyyeeeee!”
A week later I get a phone call. “Oh hi honey, what was that? You need what? Mone….? I can’t understand you. Bad reception. Talk to you later, your Dad and I are taking an extended vacation, not sure when we’ll be home.”
Of course, to keep up those payments to Rose, I have had to take an extra job. Do not ask me why we now have a pole in the middle of the living room, but practice makes perfect!
Now that we have all this extra room in the house, and it is so much lonelier without our sweet little bumpkins, we can host all those international exchange students. Those Brazilian boys are so adorable, not to mention those romantic Italian and French boys. Who knew they had exchange programs for body builders, masseurs and personal trainers?
When we ask if you will be home for___________(insert holiday or break), it usually is because we know we will have to stock up on laundry detergent, deodorant, quarters (for those washing machines at Rose that never get used!), food and blackout curtains. Of course, we know we won’t see you because you will be sleeping. I guess a week’s worth of sleeping 20 hours a day makes up for the 2 hours a night you get at school. Oh, and don’t expect your room to be vacuumed and sheets changed every week!
During those weekly or so phone calls, we judiciously beat around the bush to find out about any potential issues with party activities; this is usually when the call gets dropped. I always feel sorry for kids when they get the “stomach flu,” especially when they are afflicted with it on their birthday or over the weekend. We mostly need to know this so we can hide our stash when our little angels return to the nest.
Now you have a teensy bit of input into the wondrous and mysterious lives of your parents. Call home frequently. There has got to be somewhere on campus where you can find some signal!!! Who pays for that bill anyway? Well, you can always fax us or send a letter.

“Now the people at weight watchers are much happier with the watermelon over the pizza because the watermelon is a much better mathematical model.”

— Dr. Mech
Yes... the melons are quite nice on those “mathematical” models

“Screw chairs! I don’t care about them anyway.”

— Dr. Rader
Yeah... we should just have beds in class! It’ll promote even more productivity

“It [column chromatography] feels kind of angsty... it’s exciting! I like it!”

— Dr. Morris
I guess column chromatography turns the hearts of grown men into teenage girls

Rose professors say crazy things. E-mail them to the Flipside at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1. Calls the Student Affairs office every day
2. Drops you off for freshman move-in day... never returns
3. Only comes to your graduation
4. Visits every weekend
5. Helps you out with your ever exhausting homework

6. Doesn’t understand your homework
7. Wears the “Rose-Hulman Mom” pin every day
8. “Who’s this Rose-Hulman lady?... Is Rose short for Roselyn?”
10. Calls you during your first hour class to wake you up

Dan Egan • staff writer

A trip down to St. Louis doesn’t have to be just focused on Six Flags or the city museum. St. Louis has several food styles exclusive to the city. One of the most popular of these within the city is toasted ravioli, a breaded and dried ravioli, much like a mozzarella stick. St. Louis also harbors its own distincitve style of pizza: a thin crust pizza topped with a unique type of cheese called Provel, which is characterized by its gooeyness at room temperature. If you are looking for something sweet, try the frozen custard shop Ted Drewes, whose quality treats have attracted Food Network show hosts Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Adam Richman. However, if you are looking to bring a little St. Louis style to campus, bake a gooey butter cake, whose popularity has begun to spread outside St. Louis itself.
Gooey Butter Cake: A St. Louis tradition
Step One:
Mix the following ingredients and spread in a 9” x 13” greased cake pan:
1 box yellow cake mix
2 eggs
1 stick of butter (softened)
Step Two:
Mix the following ingredients and pour over the cake mixture:
2 eggs
1 package cream cheese (8 oz)
1 box powdered sugar (keep some of the powdered sugar to the side to sprinkle on the top of the cake)
Bake cake at 350 degrees for 40-50 minutes or until it is turning golden and is firm (when you move the pan, the cake may jiggle a little, but should not be too jiggly)

With the end of the year creeping around the corner, you might have run out of fun things to do on the weekend. You can only go to Taco Bell so many times. With the lack of activities that are available in Terre Haute, you have to be creative in planning your time in between studying and homework. A very effective diversion from your studies would be going to Turkey Run State Park and hiking around the trails. 

Turkey Run is only an hour away, but it supplies fresh air and a beautiful view of Indiana you probably do not get around here. Not only does it not smell like Terre Haute, but it gives you a glimpse of nature unavailable in the immediately surrounding area. Turkey Run is also the perfect place to go camping, if you are so inclined. However, you probably should not make the trek out there in the very near future as the rain has caused some serious flooding around some of the hiking trails. When the park is not flooded, the trails are beautiful and offer an often unseen look into the jewel of Indiana.

Rose Reatherford • staff writer

Gay rights are becoming a bigger and bigger issue in politics. With the Supreme Court looking to rule on two cases involving marriage equality this year, the issue has stepped up in the minds of many Americans. However, a rather unknown group of people isn’t asking for rights, just recognition. These people call themselves asexuals. Asexuals are people who have no sexual attraction, sometimes referred to as “pants feelings,” to anyone. There is nothing wrong with someone who is asexual. It is not that they are broken, have hormone deficiencies, or just “can’t get laid.” They simply do not have sexual feelings at all, and all they want is for people to understand that there is nothing wrong with that.
Most people who are asexual will believe that they are broken or do not function correctly. They recognize that the people around them are having feelings they do not. Some will think they are just late bloomers or shy. Most people will develop their asexuality around the same time their peers are developing their sexualities. Some asexual people may even develop crushes that are romantic and not sexual, which can be even more confusing for them. That does not mean they will recognize they are asexual, and may even feel upset or different in a negative way that they are not like everyone else. It isn’t until these people find out about asexuality that they can fully articulate their feelings and come to understand it is normal and does not mean they are worse for what they feel. Finding out you are asexual or what asexuality is and that it fits them can happen at any age. Due to the Internet and increasing exposure for asexuality, younger people along with older people are figuring it out together.
However, this does not mean everyone is accepting of people who are asexual. People who are asexual face a lot of people unwilling to understand them and even those who are verbally abusive towards asexual individuals. SwankiVY of is an outspoken member of the asexual community. (WARNING: The contents of this blog can be disturbing to some individuals) It isn’t uncommon for her to get comments, such as “Asexuals are just people who haven’t been raped hard enough or often enough” or “I’m going to kill you.” These are all real comments that she addresses in her “Asexual Bingo” video located on her YouTube account. The asexual community is not asking for more legislation or laws than what is already in place. They just want acceptance for who they are. SwankiVY is just speaking out to inform people of what an asexual is.
So what do you do if someone around you is asexual? Well, nothing. People who are asexual just do not have sexual feelings. There is nothing wrong, broken, or otherwise with them. They just are what they are. If someone comes out as asexual to you, do not tell them to “get laid,” “get their hormones checked,” that “you’ll feel different when you meet the right person,” or that “you don’t know if you like sex if you haven’t tried it.” They also are not just getting over a bad relationship, have undergone some sort of sexual abuse, or just cannot find a partner. That does not mean that asexuals cannot have those things. Those things won’t make their sexual feelings change, just as they would not make your sexual feelings change.

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