Unlocking new smartphones becomes illegal

On Saturday, the Congress modified the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. This act makes it illegal to access copyrighted content and break digital rights management technologies. The software that is used to lock a smartphone to one carrier is covered under this act. Exemption to the act has been granted to users that wanted to unlock their phone to change to another carrier while still keeping their actual phone. With this new policy, smartphones purchased before last Saturday can still be unlocked, while the phones purchased after it will need permission from carrier to be unlocked. People against this new policy argued that making unlocking illegal could lead to more expensive phones and electronic waste since consumer would have to buy new device to switch carriers.

Missing Plane Found in Antarctica - Crash “Not survivable”

Last week, a plane flying from the South Pole to Terra Nova Bay in Antarctica went missing with three Canadians.  The missing aircraft was found three days later close to the summit in Queen Alexandra Range, in Antarctica. The plane wreckage suggests that the plane made a direct impact that was not survivable, Maritime New Zealand said on Saturday. The accident killed the three crew members, all employees of Kenn Borek Air. The Canadian Press said Kenn Borek Air had not identified the dead crew, but friends released the names of the pilots as Bob Heath of Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories, Mike Denton from Calgary, and Perry Anderson from Ontario. On Sunday, American and New Zealand search teams were able to land near the crash site and retrieved the cockpit voice recorder from the back of the plane, but could not reach the front of the aircraft which was buried in snow and ice. A full recovery mission is planned for next spring.

Nightclub Fire killed Hundreds of People in Brazil

A fire broke out early Sunday in a popular nightclub in Santa Maria, Brazil. About 2,000 people were in the club when a member of a band performed a pyrotechnic show that started the fire. The fire killed at least 234 people, another 118 remained hospitalized, 75 of those in critical condition, Brazilian Health Minister Alexandro Padilha told reporters. Many of them died from smoke inhalation, and others were trampled in the rush for the exits, one security guard told Band News. Most of the victims were university students that were celebrating the end of summer, since many universities set to resume classes on Monday. That night, the streets were filled with thousands of people who marched to the site of the incident. Protesters are now demanding justice. Police have started interrogating people, including four individuals they arrested – the two owners of the club who the police identified as Mauro Hoffman and Elissandro Sphor, band vocalistMarcelo de Jesus dos Santos and show producer Luciano Bonilha. Investigators are still collecting evidence to file charges against the person responsible for this incident.

The Rose chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi hosted their annual Mr. Rose pageant in Hatfield Hall last Friday to raise money for their international philanthropy, Strike Out Arthritis. To meet the “Prince Charming” theme to this year’s pageant, contestants representing fraternities and sororities adopted personas such as the “Prince of Pop”, a “Fresh Prince”, and an English prince. After Dr. Richard House, Master of Ceremonies, introduced the participants in the costume round, each prince gave a performance in the talent round, where routines ranged from musical numbers to comical PowerPoints to one prince scarfing down 20 White Castle sliders.

The judges then narrowed down the pool of contestants to six for the MacGyver round, were the princes assembled elaborate tools with random items like balloons, a plastic mask, and a slingshot in order to save a trapped princess from a dragon. Only Chadwick Jones, Prince Dashing the Valiant from Blumberg, Evan Duvall, Prince of Old Spice from Alpha Chi Sigma, and Neil Dorsey, Charm-Bot 2000 from Chi Omega, survived to the final round, the questions round. Dr. House posed a series of questions to each contestant, who responded in princely – and often humorous – fashion. In the end, the judges chose Duvall as Mr. Rose of 2013, followed Jones in second and Dorsey in third. The pageant raised over $2500 for Strike Out Arthritis.

RISE will conduct a webinar at 8 p.m. Sunday in room M115 with Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumnus and Vietnamese refugee Sonny Vu, who founded FireSpout, AgaMatrix, and Misfit Wearables and also worked at Microsoft.  His most notable company, Misfit Wearables, develops and produces wearable products that contain sensors to track wellness.  The purpose of the seminar is to offer students insight into starting a business with direct advice from Vu.

Over the course of January, Faculty Without Borders has been hosting a book drive to send high school- and college-level books to schools in Kenya.

“The book drive was started after going to Africa, after Kenya and seeing the needs specifically in the high schools,” Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Ashley Bernal, one of the group’s members, said. “There’s not very many books in their libraries, so with how many books we have around with the professors and the students, it seemed like a great idea to try to send some books over that way.”

Four professors from Faculty Without Borders, including Dr. Bernal , Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Richard Onyancha, Associate Professor Geography Michael Kukral, and Chair of Physics and Optical Engineering Charles Joenathan, took a trip to Africa this past July. They visited Eagerton University near Nakura, Kenya and several high schools nearby, where they observed their educational conditions and determined how the group and Rose-Hulman could help the area. Although they have several ideas in the works, they decided that a book drive would be a great start.

“We’re going to send (the books) to Eagerton University, and then they have some partner high schools that are very nearby that they can take some of the books over to,” Dr. Bernal said.

The first idea to create a group like Faculty Without Borders, which started at the beginning to last year and is still in its beginning stages, according to Dr. Bernal, originally came from Dr. Joenathan.

“About two years ago, I wanted to start a group because I heard a lot about the Engineers Without Borders,” Dr. Joenathan said. “I thought maybe, why not start an organization like Faculty Without Borders?”

He was also inspired by Teachers Without Borders, an organization of high school teachers dedicated to enhancing the quality of education around the world.

About six faculty showed up to the first meeting, and it was from this original core group of members that the idea to visit Africa. Faculty Without Borders is not an official organization within Rose-Hulman yet, but Dr. Joenathan plans to change that as soon as next quarter with the selection of positions like president and vice president and an addition of a Web site. Meanwhile, the group encourages students to donate materials suitable for high school- and college-level students to the book drive. Dr. Joenathan estimated that Rose and the Terre Haute area have donated roughly 900 books already.

The group has not announced an end date to the drive, but they would like to send out all of the books this month. Students can drop off books in Dr. Bernal’s office, B-108c, or in Dr. Joenathan’s office, CL-105.

Check out future issues of the Thorn to read more about Faculty Without Border’s future plans to improve education in Africa.


Ubisoft’s “Far Cry” series has long been heralded for its riveting, sandbox gameplay and its enthralling story since the first installment hit shelves in 2004. The sequel left fans aching for more, and the developers worked hard to satisfy that hunger. Although the release was initially delayed, the game was well worth the wait, and it’s always nice to see a developer forgo deadlines for the sake of a better final product.
“Far Cry 3” features a riveting campaign, but the moderately stereotypical storyline was greatly overshadowed by the intense gameplay. As Jason Brody, players get to almost step into the protagonist’s shoes, feeling the journey from a pampered tourist into a hardened warrior as Brody has to take control of his life to save his friends. Granted, there’s a “white messiah” feel to the plotline, but it almost seems like it was intentionally used to allow players to feel more in tune with the character. Michael Mando makes an excellent performance as Vaas Montenegro, the main antagonist for the majority of the game. Vaas’ insane power trip was demonstrated by Ubisoft in a mini-series called the “Far Cry Experience,” showing fans a peek at the foe they’ll grow to hate to ramp up momentum before the game’s release.
Ubisoft made a point to expand upon the already praised weapons system of “Far Cry 2,” adding weapon customization for a much more personalized gameplay. For even more personalization, this installment features a skill tree embodied by a developing tattoo on Brody’s forearm. As well, there’s a small hunting and crafting aspect to provide a nice aside from the otherwise linear storyline, allowing the player to hunt wildlife to expand inventory space and get away from what could otherwise feel like a bit of a grind. The series has always featured massive maps, and the installment of a fast travel system as well as numerous collectibles and hunting opportunities make the trips much more bearable. Of course, returning fans will be glad to know that the pyromechanics are as beautiful and useful as ever.
The only issue to be found with this otherwise perfect game is the multiplayer system. The game modes and gameplay themselves are wonderful, allowing for something that feels just enough like Activision’s “Call of Duty” series to be fun, while being original enough to feel like its own game. Unfortunately, Ubisoft isn’t quite as experienced in the field of matchmaking, so the lobby waits can be long and the games can often be extremely buggy and frustrating. . . just enough to ruin what could be an excellent experience.
Overall, “Far Cry 3” pans out to be a wonderful game, falling just short of perfection. Among first-person shooters, Ubisoft still holds its spot for originality and excellence. This is a game certainly worth a playthrough or two. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be the new king of the jungle.

Rating: 4/5 Elephants

"Let's keep this simple; he pulled first, and I shot him."
Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens

Starting with the first scene of the first episode, during which Marshal Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant) baits known murderer Thomas Buckley into pulling a gun on him so that he can shoot the man to death, FX has delivered every episode of "Justified" with action and excitement tied perfectly into well-developed story arcs. Due to the heated investigation into his shooting of Buckley, Givens is sent back to his childhood home of Kentucky, forcing him to deal with estranged family members, friends, acquaintances, and even his ex-wife. While in the Lexington/Harlan area, Marshal Givens becomes driven to stop the hillbilly gangs in the area, particularly the group tied to Boyd Crowder (played by Walton Goggins), a man Givens has known since childhood. As young adults, they had dug coal together until a cave-in caused both men to change their life paths and leave the state: Givens to college and then the Marshals, Boyd to the Army and then later to prison. The relationship between Raylan and Boyd changes fluidly throughout the seasons, ranging from Givens surveilling Boyd off duty and trying to get evidence that Boyd is up to something, to them working together to fight off mercenaries from a Mexican drug cartel.

Boyd is a persistent thorn in Givens' side in most cases, but each season also brings several very interesting new villains, each with their own quirks and deeply southern personalities. The story is well-written and amazingly unique, full of fluid characters who change and progress season to season and all excellently delivered through actors and actresses who play their parts to perfection. Olyphant and Goggins make the show as the leads, but every character has a depth to them that draws you in and makes you want to see more of them. If you somehow missed the first three seasons, drop this paper immediately and find a way to watch all of them today, then Hulu the first three episodes of this season and catch up. Seriously, go watch it.

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