Proceeds from the Tri-Hop event benefit Tri Delta's national philanthropy, St. Jude Research Hospital.[br][url][/url]Proceeds from the Tri-Hop event benefit Tri Delta's national philanthropy, St. Jude Research Hospital.

Tri Delta raises funds for St. Jude Research Hospital

Hundreds of students filed into the Aramark to eat at Delta Delta Delta’s third annual Tri-Hop pancake fundraiser Saturday. The event raised $2,000 through ticket sales for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Tri Delta’s national philanthropy. Senior chemical engineer Kristi Telljohann, the philanthropy chair for the chapter, was in charge of organizing Tri-Hop.

“I would say it was successful. Lots of people had great pancakes, and the event ran much smoother than last year with the lines never going out the ARA door,” Telljohann said.


With the advent of paperless reading technology, online “e-books,” as they’re called, have become extremely popular. The Logan Library has had e-books for about 11 years. However, until now, viewing had to be accompanied by a live internet connection. Thanks to the work of the Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI), though, students are now able to download e-books and then view them without an internet connection. ALI works to secure better prices on books for academic libraries. This past summer, they set up a deal with Academic Complete, an e-book company, which offers over 70,000 e-books at a little over $1 per book. This puts the entire package price at $2500. In comparison, the Logan Library only hosts about 25,000 hard-copy books, some of which retail from $150 to upwards of $300 individually.


Santorum wins three states

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum gained key momentum in the Republican primary race for the presidential candidacy on Tuesday night. Mitt Romney, who won many of the first primaries, including Florida and Nevada, was shaping up to be the frontrunner in the Republican race; however, Santorum swept Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri to keep himself in the race. These candidates, as well as Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul, continue to fight for the delegates’ support as the race continues throughout spring. The next big turning point in the race is March 6th, when 10 states will hold their primaries. 


Tagline: A tense and seat-gripping ride from beginning to end.

“The Grey” is a survival film based in the artic conditions of Alaska. It’s directed by Joe Carnahan, best remembered for his gritty cop film “Narc” and his movie adaptation of the famous “A-Team.” This is his first attempt at a serious survival film and a major step away from his usual shoot-’em-up flicks. But from beginning to end, and especially the middle, Carnahan manages to deliver a film that brings as much adrenaline and character depth as a Christopher Nolan film.


Chevelle has been releasing albums on a regular basis since Loeffler brothers started the band in 1999. Their latest effort, “Hats Off to the Bull,” constitutes their sixth studio album. It continues in the vein of their previous three records, mixing various elements of modern alternative into a melodic-sounding hard rock. The first single, “Face to the Floor,” fittingly starts the record off and sets the tone for the rest of the music to come. Thick, heavy guitars chug up and down the scales, and a typical sounding chorus capstones the riffs. While some may say the sound is formulaic and exactly like what Chevelle has done in the past, it works, and the songs still manage to sound fresh and engaging. There was speculation that the band would change things up and go for either a more subdued acoustic sound or a return to their “Tool and Helmet” influenced style. While neither idea was fully flushed out this time around, there are hints of each interspersed in the album. Other notable songs include the title song, “Same Old Trip,” and “Arise.”

Review rating: 3.5 elephants


Szechuan Chicken

Combine all alfredo sauce components, simmer over low heat while preparing everything else. 

Put the olive/peanut oil in a sauce pan on low. While that is heating up, finely mince garlic and add to oil. Allow this to become aromatic, infusing the oil with the garlic flavor. Add sesame oil, stir-fry sauce, and teriyaki. Turn heat up to medium. After this gets up to temperature, add honey, ginger, five spice, and sri racha. Keep this to medium (make sure you get decent bubbling) and let it reduce while you prepare the chicken & pasta.


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